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P.T.I. Pallets: Pallet Manufacturing and Recycling Services for the Montreal Area

You will find new pallets of various sizes and high-quality recycled and used pallets at P.T.I. Pallets Inc. With a large selection of standard and nonstandard sizes, P.T.I. Pallets also custom designs and manufactures pallets that meet your particular shipping and storage needs. Are you looking for economical and unique solutions? P.T.I. Pallets produces mixed pallets consisting of new and recycled wood.

Contact P.T.I. Pallets for any type of pallet that meets your requirements, including:

• Recycled and Recyclable

• Standard and Custom Made

• North American and European Standard

• Softwood and Hardwood

Heat-Treated Pallets for Export

You can rely on P.T.I. Pallets for safe and durable pallets that meet industry standards and hold up to any use you have for them. P.T.I. is certified under licence CA-01142 in accordance with standard ISPM 15 for export of heat treated pallets.

We Buy Used Pallets for Recycling

Not only will you find a selection of quality pallets to fit your unique business needs, but also sell us your used pallets for recycling. P.T.I. Pallets purchases, picks up and removes your scrap pallets, wood and crates.

Consult with P.T I. Professionals

The knowledgeable and friendly staff of P.T.I. Pallets helps its clients choose the best products for their needs. Consult with us about used pallets, new custom pallets of any size, and your option for custom pallets manufactured with new and recycled materials. Our products list includes:

• Recycled Pallets

• 48" x 40" 4-Way #1

• 48" x 40" 4-Way #2

• 48" x 40" 2-Way

• 48" x 40" Block Style

• 48" x 36"

• 48" x 48" Hardwood

• 48" x 48" Softwood

• Mixture of Pallets 48” Long with Different Widths

• Mix Square: Mixture of Square Pallets, 40” x 40” – 47” x 47”

• 40" x 40" Pallets

• 42" x 42" Pallets

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